Inspired by the efforts of national African American organizations and leaders, particularly the United States Congressional Black Caucus, the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS and the African American AIDS Policy Institute, a group of 40 concerned and committed African Americans from the Capital Region came together in 1999 to make a difference on this health issue and thus formed the Capital District African American Coalition on AIDS or CDAACA as it is commonly called. (CDAACA is pronounced "sedaka.") Since 2000, CDAACA has conducted business as a 501(c)(3) grass roots community based organization.


The mission of CDAACA is to eliminate HIV infection and other health disparities among people of color, particularly African American, while promoting community empowerment, with emphasis on individual self-determination and self-worth.


The Capital District African American Coalition on AIDS (CDAACA) seeks to build a solid foundation and uncompromising presence in the community where African Americans can live a life of quality, worth, and dignity while advocating, developing, and showcasing the talents of our community.



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